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Our culinary residency gives talented up-and-coming chefs the resources and runway for culinary experimentation. We source and select the most promising emerging chefs to join our year-long culinary residency. We work with you to design and execute a 7-10 course tasting menu for intimate communal dinners and private events. We provide you with all logistical support, allowing you to focus your attention on creating creative new dishes and developing relationships with guests. Our goal is to elevate you and top help you succeed in achieving your future ambitions.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Each applicant is considered based on experience, menu, organizational and execution  skills.

This is one of our primary goals. We welcome media at our events as long as their  presence has been approved ahead of time. We will promote chefs through our owned  media and PR efforts. 

Resident events will take place at various private locations. We have high standards for  aesthetics and ambiance, and our spaces and decor reflect that. Chefs can contribute  music, florals, and tabletop decor, approved by Resident in advance. 

We compensate chefs through a consulting fee as well as a per-event profit share  model. Chefs, sous chefs, and support staff will not receive benefits as they are not  full-time employees of Resident.  

Chefs are responsible for menu and wine pairing development and procurement,  reviewed and approved by Resident. We can offer consultation and assistance if  desired.

We typically operate with one sous chef and one service staff, but it is up to the  discretion of the chef to determine how many support staff they need. We can help  source qualified staff if desired. 

Our hosting

Our culinary residency gives talented up-and-coming chefs the resources and runway for culinary experimentation. We are always interested in adding select residential properties to our hosting program. Our hosts all provide us with the ability to host multiple events per month on dates that are mutually agreeable at least one month in advance of each event date. Host may receive benefits including: premium access to all Resident events, comped events for the networks of the host or cash compensation.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

We partner with hosts to source private spaces for our communal dining events. Guests and staff make use of the kitchen, dining area, and potentially living or outdoor spaces.

Once approved, you’ll work with the Resident team to put together a hosting schedule  (there may be a minimum number of consecutive events). On event day, chefs and staff  will require access to the kitchen and dining area. Chefs require access to large kitchen  appliances. Food prep and cooking may be completed at the location, or in a compliant  incubator kitchen. Kitchen tools, plateware, and decor are supplied by company.   Guests purchase tickets to event through an online ticketing platform. Event location  remains confidential to the public, and is revealed only to confirmed guests 36 hours in  advance. Guests arrive between 7-7:30 pm, and the event concludes by 10:30pm. 

We’re looking for homeowners and property owners (not renters). Once approved, hosts  are connected with a company representative to coordinate logistics, including  walkthrough, scheduling, and event setup. 

Locations are treated with respect and care. Hosts are provided with third-party liability  insurance to protect against the unlikely event that a lawsuit or claim is filed. A company  representative is always present throughout event to handle all logistics, including guest  management and cleanup. In the unlikely event of an incident, the company will repair or  replace damaged property. 

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